Journey of the Magi


In this classic travel narrative, journalist Paul Williams Roberts visits the Middle East to trace the Magi’s legendary journey through Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Jordan to Bethlehem. Chasing clues from Marco Polo’s Travels and the Dead Sea Scrolls to the stories of King Solomon and the Crusader Knights, Roberts seeks the historical truth behind Matthew’s account in the New Testament. Filled with encounters with eclectic characters, from smugglers to Zoroastrian priests, Journey of the Magi is the story of an extraordinary adventure and an illuminating voyage of discovery into the truth behind the Magi and the birth of Jesus. This latest edition includes a new introduction by Roberts.

Find it on Goodreads, which features purchase options.

1 thought on “Journey of the Magi”

  1. THANK YOU! found your book in a heart foundation charity shop,was still in plastic wrapper, for £1 saved up for 2 weeks coz being a Lancashire lad moneys hard to come by! BUT you are aTRUE WORDS SMITH love Rezza n the AZZHOLE, but most of all you are a True HUMAN BEING seeing and feeling so much and also caring but keeping it to yourself, I am lucky to live in the south of Spain so its time to have a gin and tonic, and go for a walk by the med, thanks for the insight into a world that I wont ever see coz of political profiteering but your book helped me so much to understand a different world, my spelling is SHIT but my hearts in the right place as is yours my FRIEND! Take care, lots of Love Dominic,

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