Kara Williams here, Paul’s widow.  I made this post on Facebook, sharing a link to the beginning of Queen Victoria’s Secret. This explains as much as I can why I’m sharing his unpublished works here. I thought you might like to hear the backstory.

After Paul went blind in 2007 he was unable to work, and I supported him until he died. This did permit him to do what he always wanted, to write and read (audio books, which he eventually got used to and loved) unimpeded. He couldn’t help but write things that he thought might sell, some of the time, though he did write for pleasure and did two memoirs as well. Yet he was unable to get anything published. He worked so hard, at 48 point word documents with glasses, a patch, a screen reader and a magnifying glass at times. It was heartbreaking, but truly admirable. I believe he was unable to publish due to his complex character–and actions–but also after he went blind he was no longer able to produce works in his bestselling format, the travel memoir.

He spent over a decade researching and writing and rewriting Queen Victoria’s Secret, for which he received two Canada Arts Council Grants. I helped him in so many ways with this book through reading aloud and recording source material, giving feedback and so on. It is a mighty tome deeply in the style of War and Peace—not just because it is nearly half a million words long and over 1000 pages—it is an historical novel, written in the style of the times.

Yet it is beautifully written, about a character who he believed maligned and forgotten by history, Queen Victoria’s father, Edward, Duke of Kent, who Prince Edward Island is named after. This is an historical novel about this Prince, and also a touching love story which deals with the sacrifices royalty often make for the sake of the Crown.

For reasons both complex and private, I am unable to publish any of his works for renumeration, so I am releasing them in serial form on the website I created for him some time ago, and will keep alive, for the sake of all the blood, sweat and tears he put into his writing while blind. It was the only thing that kept him sane, most of the time. It’s worth reading, too. Also to come are a collection of short stories, a fictional memoir, a magical Harry Potteresque novel, a memoir of London in the 60s, and several others, I believe. I couldn’t even read them all.

I plan to keep this site up indefinitely and share all his unpublished works that he completed since losing his eyesight.

If you would like to assist with the site maintenance fees, you can make a donation to my PayPal. My plan is to release 10 pages of his writing every day, as there is a lot.