A War Against Truth


An acclaimed journalist who has covered the Middle East for decades — and one of the few to have interviewed Saddam Hussein — Paul William Roberts knows Iraq better than most. This is his exposi of the politics behind the recent war — and the brutal reality the Iraqis experienced but the rest of the world didn’t see. In Baghdad when the bombs started falling, Roberts witnesses the “shock and awe” campaign firsthand, mourns the loss of his friend’s entire family, and escapes to Jordan, only to return two weeks later behind the American army. A scathing indictment of the Bush administration’s new imperialism, “A War Against Truth recounts Robert’s experiences in the newly “liberated” Iraq, where he meets looters selling priceless artifacts, interviews Tariq Aziz in hiding, is interrogated by U.S. intelligence.

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1 thought on “A War Against Truth”

  1. Randall Doyle said:

    Hello Mr. Roberts:

    I read your article on the death of Hunter S. Thompson with great interest….

    When are you going to write about the death of Hunter S Thompson?…..A major article or book?…..According to your last conversation with him…..He was working on a big story about 9/11…..24 hours later, he is dead…..Suicide?…..Hmmmm……

    You said he was scared….Nervous…..You damn right…..He found out something that scared the shit out of him…..His life was stable (money, marriage, etc.) and even his health was decent, not great but not suicidal…..He was generally happy…..

    Why kill himself?……None of it makes any sense!!……

    Gary Webb (suicide – shot himself twice – What??), Michael Hastings (one-car accident in the morning), and Hunter (suicide)…..Webb connected cocaine with the CIA, Hastings was working on a big story about the CIA, and Thompson was working on a big story concerning 9/11……

    All dead…..When are you going to write about these rather odd deaths…..The demise of 3 great writers under very strange circumstances……Hmmmmm

    If you have written more about your suspicions concerning Thompson’s death, please send it to me…..

    Thank You, R

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