A bill passed by the US Congress promises this. It was vetoed by President Obama – who cited concerns that it would allow the world to sue America for war crimes – but many Democrats and most Republicans waived such valid concerns aside. I should admit that I am all for suing Saudi Arabia, particularly the Wahhabite clergy, whose vast wealth finances much terrorism, and all of the Third World’s free Islamist schools, which teach the obnoxious Wahhabibite heresy, along with its hateful attitudes towards Shia Muslims, Sufis, and the numerous other orthodox Muslim sects. The proposed law-suit concerns 9/11, of course – why would Americans concern themselves with matters that don’t concern them? But, attempting to skirt the many conspiracy theories, there are indeed many vexing questions about that fateful day. For example, why was the only aircraft permitted to fly a Saudi jetliner taking royals back home? For that matter, who gave the order for US fighters to stand down, when standard procedure during a hijacking is for airforce jets to scramble? On a more mundane level: what happened to the security-camera footage that would have captured the airplane which hit the Pentagon? If it was an airplane. At least one on-site observer claims it was a US-army missile. Just show the footage, and then – no problem. The conspiracy-minded claim that 9/11 was a plot, a disaster designed to change the course of history and, particularly, US law-enforcement. Well, there is no doubt that US law-enforcement dramatically changed course after September 11th, 2001, erasing many of the constitutional provisions for basic citizens’ rights. Although the lack of citizen-protest may suggest that those who don’t value rights ought not to have them. The disaster may have been an opening for opportunists – as some say the Reichstag fire was for Hitler’s Nazis, encouraging more severe racial laws – or it may have been diabolically planned. This latter is hard to believe, not for want of diabolism in the parties necessarily involved, but for the rampant stupidity such parties habitually display. Unless limited to one or two people, a conspiracy is impossible to keep secret. Even things about 9/11 that have a logical explanation are still cloaked in a ridiculous miasma of so-called security. For instance, any viewer of video showing the towers coming down can see, if the tape is slowed down, explosions blowing out each lower corner. As levels blow out, the upper structures come down. It’s obvious and undeniable. I asked a Manhattan architect about it. The answer was straightforward enough. ‘Any towers built from the late fifties on,’ he said, ‘have plastic explosives built into the corners of each floor. It’s essential. You can’t have these structures falling down in the event of a catastrophe. One would fall onto another, and in no time you’d have a domino-effect where half the city was brought down. The explosives are perfectly safe – they need a detonator to ignite – but their existence is kept secret because people are jumpy. Who wants to live or work in a building wired to explode? But, as you saw, it came in useful.’ That explained, for me, an anomaly preposterously easy to spot. One wonders why network media haven’t pointed it out. Slow the tape, and it’s plain to see – unless you’ve been told not to see it.

But taking the Saudis to court involves other issues. True, 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals. True too that various Saudi consulates and embassies in the US assisted in some way the hijackers needs for accommodations, materiel, and, yes, flying lessons. But how to find the personnel operating in these diplomatic enclaves at that time? The answer is they won’t be found. A thousand reasons will make this reasonable – apart from the problem of Arabic names written in Arabic.

But, for all the specific evidences of malfeasance, Saudi Arabia is also one vast galloping example of global despicability. For far too long – or for far too much oil – the Kingdom has got a free pass from the West. This would be a West deploring human rights violations and even ‘barbarism’ elsewhere. Well, elsewhere ought to include the spurious Gulf kleptocracy. Where women have no rights whatsoever. Where music is banned. Where political gatherings are banned. Where possession of alcohol is cause for a death, or, if not, a life sentence. Where homosexuals are executed – beheaded by sword. Where you can be sentenced – like a friend of mine – for five years in jail if found guilty of possessing half a joint. And five years there is five years, not a third of that. You’re confined, ridiculed, abused, and then released. You never view the Kingdom in a kindly way again. All the dismal place warrants, to any outsider, is a massive cleaning up.

Bearing in mind the perennial free pass, it will be interesting to observe how current Saudi hierarchs wheedle their way out this latest, and wholly justified, accusatory predicament,


Paul William Roberts