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First let us clear up one irritant: the name by which these terrorists ought to be known. They are not a ‘state’, by any stretch of the term, for their talent lies in destroying people and things; they could not build up, less still run, an atoll in the South Pacific, even if they had one. I shall henceforth refer to them as PC, an abbreviation of ‘Psychopathic Criminals’, which more accurately defines them, and, by inference, the treatment they merit. The term Daesh, currently favoured by French and other media – which, for some reason, is imagined to contain an insulting double entendre,if omly because gaesh can mean ‘small donkey’ has been commonly used for them by Egyptians since they first crawled from their holes, and essentially refers to a swathe of land incorporating Iraq and Syria – both, very long ago, once seats of the Caliphate, much as Wessex was once the ruling kingdom of England, or Rome the world’s capital. According to someone on CBC radio, the wisely reclusive PC leader, al-Baghdadi – who failed acceptance by a university to study Economics, admitted by a lesser institution for Islamic Studies – had, among his favourite tomes, Paul Kennedy’s masterly Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, a self-explanatory study from 1500 to 2000. Conceivably, Baghdadi imagined the book would teach him how to make great powers fall; but more likely he ceased his perusal after discovering that economic history entailed a fair bit of economics, with many statistical charts similar to those nixing his ambitions as an economist. If he actually read the book, one wonders which tyrannical butcher he most identified with. Even the bone-headed bully, Mussolini, and his Abyssinian catastrophe, is a dictatorial Titan compared with the PC Fuhrer – sorry, wannabe Caliph. Kennedy’s opus demonstrates that economic factors – like production or manufacturing – bring down nations. Gun and bomb-toting fanatics, backed by mentally ill death-wishers, achieve little more than their own demise. Bakunin – ubi est? Surely the PC Mastermind must have asked himself what economic factors he and his demented crew even possessed? Perhaps the Balkans gave him hope? After all, two-thirds of PC’s armed rabble in Syria are from Chechnya, and elsewhere in Russian Central Asia, a crew weaned on war, and with a hatred of Russia far exceeding their determination to terminate Assad. To Baghdadi, economic prosperity involves whatever can be stolen, and how much Saudi Wahhabite clerics hand over for the cause – which is, let’s be clear, an attempt by allegedly Sunni Muslims to rid Arabia of the Shia, declared by Wahhab himself to be non-Muslims. Assad is a Shia sectarian, which is why Iran, sole Shia theocracy, supports him. Czar Putin’s backing, obviously not theological, concerns the build-up of battle-hardened Balkan militants on his doorstep (a map will show you how surprisingly near Syria is to recalcitrant remnants of the Russian empire).

I want now to share with you what my Egyptian sources tell me of the varied rumours, theories, and sound convictions found today on the streets of Cairo and elsewhere along the Nile. I do not necessarily endorse these views, nor necessarily dismiss them. It just strikes me as important to hear widely-held beliefs not broadcast by NBC, CNN, or Fox Ne…well, it’s Opinion, isn’t it, not news. I could name my sources, but they will be happier if I do not. I shall list the street-speak in no particular order.

  1. The Muslim Brotherhood was paid $ 8 billion by the US to hand government back to a Washington-controlled military dictatorship.
  2. Slaughter of Christians across the region is hardly ever mentioned by western media.
  3. A plan exists to turn the Sinai into a Palestinian state.
  4. CIA blew up that Russian plane over the Sinai to assist the above plan by destroying foreign tourism to Sharm el-Sheikh, the most popular Egyptian resort for Europeans, and, until now, considered safe from terrorism.
  5. US Intelligence is failing badly in distinguishing combatants in the region, seemingly unaware of the vital role tribal leaders could play if approached respectfully.
  6. Saudi oil and thus cash will run out within five years, resulting in a Wahhabite coup and theocratic state, armed to the teeth with top-notch US weaponry and likely to wage a war on Iraq, ousting the Shia-dominated government and seizing the vast southern oilfields. This will ignite a war with Iran over disputed territory in the Hormuz Straits, and possibly PC-Wahhabite attacks on the Emirates, which have plenty of oil yet few military defenses.
  7. An Israeli-Saudi accord – existing for years now – could divide Syria between Israel and the new Arabia.
  8. Egypt will secure territories the US wants secure, and it does possess nuclear weapons – as does Israel, and possibly Saudi Arabia.
  9. Russia will support Iran in this conflict, supplying nukes if the need arises.
  10. Wahhabite clerics will dispose of PC elements easily, allying with Iraqi ex-Republican guard fighters, who have backed PC for tactical reasons but hate their fanaticism. They will argue that a Caliphate ought to be run from Mecca, and not interfere in social or political concerns. The Saudi clerics may regard this as equitable, but only if they have rid themselves of their own and the Yemeni Shia they’ve recently bombed with impunity.
  11. The map of West Asia will be redrawn, and the new powers may next fight over Africa, or else agree to divide it between themselves.
  12. Wahhabism has been spread through free schools across the undeveloped world, providing a potential army to fight for the heresy if called upon to do so.
  13. If war erupts, Iran will block the Straits, cutting off oil supplies to much of the world. If oil is suddenly priced in a non-US dollar currency, the American economy will collapse as dollar values fall, leaving Washington no alternative but war on a massive scale, and one also facing the old foe, Russia.
  14. Those on the spot claim that the Russian jet shot down by Turkey was in fact downed by unmarked US fighter planes, to create strife between Ankara and Moscow, because Turkey is the main conduit for Saudi funds to the PC, and Russian ambitions in Syria are suspect.
  15. Egypt’s only dollar-earning business is tourism, which has collapsed due to continuing unrest, leaving unemployment at inordinate levels, further weakening resistance to the army dictators, in order to return the place to the relative tranquility of Mubarak’s reign, when Israel was free from fear of Egyptian and/or Syrian attacks.
  16. The diluted new Intifada will make the Sinai seem increasingly attractive as a Palestinian state, especially when Israeli forces crack down harder, since no one is left in a position to object, and Egypt will be as responsible for peace-keeping there as Jerusalem will be at the old Gaza border.


As said, I make no comments, beyond this being grim stuff. I will say, however, as I have before, that Iraqi and Syrian Christians are by far the safest bet as refugees – indeed, any Christians in the region ought to be offered asylum if they seek it. They recognize one another very easily, and would identify a PC imposter at 100 paces. They are also not terrorists, and have been abused in the lands they first inhabited – and where the world’s oldest churches are being demolished by PC imbeciles, a fact rarely heard on western media, which seem to regard innocent Muslims as more innocent and deserving than innocent Christians. Over ten years ago I said Iraq Christians needed help badly, and would be sponsored here privately by a large Eastern Orthodox community. No one cared or listened then; I hope they do now, particularly since Christian refugees would make processing so much simpler. Educated, middle-class, they would blend into Canada like snow. Americans are disastrously sick of politicians, arriving at Donald Trump the way a starving mass would fall on MacDonald’s’ dump. I hope the reliance on bureaucrats and professional paper-jockeys doesn’t have the same effect here. If US Intelligence is bad – because intelligent people don’t want to get involved with such bungled duplicity – I hate to think what Canada’s is like. The country is full of knowledgeable people, who don’t want to be ensnared by government, but do not mind answering questions occasionally. A vote does not signify intelligence, but there are other things that do. Use them, for God’s sake, before the Mess gets messier.


Sincerely with love,


Paul William Roberts