In Canada, as cannot be explained too often, it would seem, each electoral riding is voting for a representative in Parliament, and not for a leader or a party. How do we know who will work hard for the best interests of our area? If you have not met your particular representatives, even on a live telephone line, it may be an indication of how little they care about your specific needs and thus how little they will do for you in Ottawa that does not further their personal ambitions. If you dislike all candidates, you are perhaps ethically obliged to be the candidate yourself. One of a Canadian citizens major responsibilities is to exercise the privilege to vote. It is a foundation of democracy, one for which many principled men, and women, gave their lives over long centuries of slavery in many forms, and under conditions of backbreaking toil and grinding poverty. Only the dying or those on life-support have valid reasons for not voting on Monday Oct 19th. Anyone else can spare the few minutes taken up by dropping your ballot into a box never situated far away. If transport is a problem, every party HQ will be able to supply a driver or ten. Wasting a vote insults the tireless efforts of those who fought to create a true start for democracy. Aboriginals have the only plausible reasons for mistrusting a system responsible for atrocities of racism and determined to destroy their rich culture, reducing them to a sub-human status, violating treaties and disrespecting their traditional rights and lands. This is now changing dramatically, giving all First Nations a perfect opportunity to unite, demonstrate their power, and limitless potential in a future vastly different from any they have previously endured.On the 19th Oct, Idle No more will mean voting in unprecedented numbers, proving you are the only Old Stock on this continent, and recognize your primacy as spiritual fathers of Canada by revealing the force you can exert on any election with candidates of your own who will oblige Parliament to deal with all the grievances you rightly have, and all the lies told your people by those whose sole concern for the land was greed. Put the best man for you in Ottawa; he or she will ensure platform promises are kept. This vote is the most unpleasant of all electoral situations: one man, a Prime minister, so loathed for his deceit, corruption, scorn for the environment, and obscenely slavish attachment to big corporate business at the expense of our good society and its social and international values.  Vote with heart and purpose, but pick the right man because he or she is right, not because the current leader is wrong. Who would like to find this country branded Neo-Fascist in the excessive power handed to government? Sorry to say it, but we are in some nations now mistrusted for having a leader whose mode of communication is increasing the command; it used to be the sermon before addressing a majority government regarded as instruments of his will, not representatives of the voters who had no idea their vote would fill the House with lackeys, and pretend to to be serving a nation while really serving the oligarchs and plutocrats who own this shameful Prime Minister like an obedient poodle. Let no Canadian think his or her vote doesn’t count. It counts as much as if it were the only ballot cast. But never vote from hatred; it backfires, and will possibly lose your strongest supporter in Ottawa. Today, history itself depends on your vote, for a forked road offers no signposts. Your instinct and heart must act as guide.


Paul William Roberts