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The Senate report on the CIA and torture has the George W. Bush administration, in the word often used by Donald Rumsfeld, “unravelling”. You know things are bad, very bad, when ex-Vice-President Dick Cheney gives an interview at all, let alone one calling Bush a liar, who authorized the illegal torture program, knew its details, and then told the American people that “we do not use torture”. CNN called this Cheney “throwing Bush under the bus” – this bus presumably being the one heading to cart Cheney off to jail and a trial at the International Criminal Court for knowingly violating international laws prohibiting torture.

Without getting into the fact that Cheney, in effect, ran the White House, with one of the Bush family’s herd of black sheep as personable figurehead, who signed anything shoved under his nose without reading it – partly because he was too lazy, and partly because he’s functionally illiterate – let us examine Cheney’s panicked defense of his collusion with CIA in authorizing what are euphemistically known as “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

Incomprehensibly, he compared torture with the events of 9/11, which is like comparing Spandau with Auschwitz. He then complained that the Senate report was a politically motivated and Democratically-biased piece of propaganda, which failed to interview any of the people actually involved. What he failed to say was that this 7000 page report uses and cites the hundreds of thousands of pages of actual CIA documents, including oral testimonies taken from agents at the time of the events detailed, and memoranda by the unqualified ‘psychologists’ and untrained operatives, paid a mysteriously excessive $80 million to devise and oversee the new versions of torture they had been hired to create, with Dick Cheney’s blessing. Ignoring the report’s statement, based on the CIA’s own files, that no useful information was gained through torture – a maxim known since the 16th century – Cheney next claims that it was not torture, and then, to foul the waters, that the President did know of it, which the report said he did not – making the report, not himself and Bush and the CIA, the real liar. Fatuous and desperate, I would say; and worse than Nixon’s response to Watergate, which this scandal is going to dwarf in damage to Washington. Cheney’s last effort entailed denying that techniques used – often to get information from innocent men – were not, in his opinion, torture – as defined by whom, he didn’t say.

Let us settle the issue once and for all, yes? Have Cheney, Bush, and the others, submit to the ‘enhanced techniques’ themselves, and then decide if it was torture or not. Live on prime time, of course. Now, this is not going to happen, but I shall volunteer myself, along with anyone willing to join me, to undergo the following:

  1. Being chained naked to the floor of a freezing cold room.
  2. Being force-fed rectally with mush of some sort.
  3. Being forced to stand for 48 hours on one leg with your hands in the air.
  4. Being drowned, just to the point where you would be forced to inhale water and die.

Not torture?

We shall add to the list as more information comes in. Any takers?

Cheney termed rectal force-feeding a ‘medical procedure’, yet doctors questioned by CNN deny this is so.

My fellow Americans, you have a dilemma here: whether to arrest a president, vice-president, and other senior members of an administration, sending them off to court in Brussels, and thereby salvaging your reputation as global gunslingers, planetary outlaws; or else, as you usually like to do, try to forget about it all and hope it will go away. The choice is, allegedly, yours.

I shall get to the arch-criminal Dick Cheney in future blog entries, but anyone interested in this man’s many crimes ought to look at the astounding rise in his bank-account since he left Halliburton – accorded most privatized army business in Iraq – and became vice-president. A staffer of his said that no one had to be told in writing who accounts would go to – because they knew. Based now in tax-free Dubai, Halliburton has taken care of its old CEO, Dick, handsomely. Check out his tax returns. Let us hope this vile humanoid is behind bars before we are forced to reveal, with sources and references, Cheney’s betrayal of his office and country.

Read the 7000 page report, noting references and sources, before believing anyone calling it Democrat propaganda. Were the Nuremberg Trials British propaganda?

I highly recommend counterpunch.org for the most thorough examination of this subject I have yet encountered. It features numerous essays by people with unimpeachable credentials, diligent research, and penetrating insight. The website ought to be mandatory reading for anyone desiring a more than just superficial account of news events and contemporary issues.

Love from Paul William Roberts.