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It astounds me that the comment made by the Ottawa shooter’s mother stating that her son intended studying the Koran in Saudi Arabia has not received more attention. To study the Koran in Saudi Arabia would mean to study the heretical Wahhabite version of Islam, which besides relegating women to chattel status, banning music and denouncing Islamic forms such as the Shia and the Sufis also advocates a violent war in the name of Jihad against all infidels–that would be those who do not subscribe to the Wahhabite heresy. If anyone in Ottawa or elsewhere were attuned to the reality of the situation within Islam, they would be fully conscious that the impetus for this man’s violent deed must have come via a website originating in Saudi Arabia and espousing the heretical and extremist Wahhabite doctrine. Someone seriously wishing to study the Koran would do so in Cairo, the centre, or Vatican of Sunni Islam. As usual, I am amazed by the ineptitude of government advisers on such subjects–if indeed such exist.