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After the travesty of 9/11, the United States attacks Afghanistan ferociously, and then invades. Many civilians are killed; nothing is achieved. The twin-towers terrorists are Egyptians and Saudi Arabians, not Afghans. But the U.S. is after Osama bin-Laden, who they believe to be the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. He is not, as it turns out, but he’s also not entirely innocent. Eventually he’s found, in Pakistan, not Afghanistan, and murdered, or, rather, executed without a trial. In 2003, the U.S. invades Iraq, having shamelessly concocted a flimsy excuse, not to mention persuaded many, if not most, Americans that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11. He was not, yet Iraq is reduced to chaos and rubble, both of which conditions still persist over a decade later. The civilian death-toll exceeds one million; nothing is achieved, although America pretends to build schools, etc., none of which are completed.

The political world does not really protest these unwarranted and criminal actions.

Israel responds savagely to rocket attacks from Hamas militants in Gaza, however, and the world is appalled because many civilians are killed – a result of them being used by Hamas as human shields. Israel is merely defending itself, as it has a right to do, and as you or I would do if attacked. America was not defending itself in Afghanistan or Iraq. This is political hypocrisy – politocrisy.

Imagine the fuss there would be if Israel attacked Jordan and invaded Saudi Arabia, using some flimsy excuse about national security!

If Quebec separatist militants fired rockets into Ontario, how would Ottawa respond? With diplomacy? Through the U.N.? Unlikely. The army – or the Anglophone portion of it – would go in heavy, as they say, and take out the militants and their launchers. Pierre Trudeau suspended habeas corpus during the F.L.Q. crisis, which was a barroom rumpus compared with what Israel is currently enduring.

Naturally, one grieves for the innocent victims; yet one senses less grief for innocent Israelis than one does for innocent Palestinians. The Israelis can only defend themselves, however; but the Palestinians can vote Hamas out of existence, if they so choose. Knowing, as they must, that Hamas militants deliberately put civilians at risk, by launching rockets from heavily-populated zones, it is only a wonder that Palestinians do not produce a Ghandi, someone capable of achieving all their desired goals through non-violent means.